Blood Pressure Chart for Children

High or low blood pressure a disease which terrors the globe a disease which is known as the “silent killer” it is a disorder in the heart which gradually damages all the vital body organs. This disease is something which we mostly overlook and do not care about much unless we notice how much severely it is affecting our body. Today we are almost sure that a working person over the age of fifty has to be suffering from blood pressure problems. But the shocking news is that it is not only the aged person who are suffering from such disorder but also the kids and teenagers who are the prey to this harmful disease.

Normal Blood Pressure Chart for Children

blood pressure chart for children

In our day to day life as the working people are pressurized even the children goes through the competition and suffers from different kinds of stress in life. Children consisting of boys and girls from ten to nineteen years of age must have a min systolic pressure of hundred and five (105), an average systolic pressure of hundred and seventeen and a maximum pressure of hundred and eighteen. The diastolic pressure in children that is of the same category mentioned above must have a min of seventy three, an average of seventy seven and a maximum of eighty one diastolic blood pressures as described in normal blood pressure chart. When this systolic blood pressure exceeds hundred and forty and stays within hundred and sixty and the diastolic blood pressure remains within 90 to 100 the person is said to be suffering from mild hyper tension. Then when the systolic blood pressure remains within 160 to 200 and diastolic from 100 to 120 then the person is said to be suffering from moderate hypertension. And lastly if the systolic pressure exceeds 200 and the diastolic is above 120 then the person is said to be suffering from severe hyper tension.

Children ageing from one to six may suffer from hyper tension or high blood pressure because of renal parenchymal disease, renal vascular disease or may be because of some disorder in the endocrine glands. Children ageing from six to twelve these are the same as the above accompanied with iatrogenic illness. Lastly children of twelve to eighteen suffer mainly because of essential tension, coarctation of the aorta along with the above described causes.

Children mostly suffer from this disease mainly because of obesity that is the deposition of fat results in less movement of the child and which further leads to heart problems which are obviously somehow associated with blood pressure disorders. These are mainly caused as the children don’t work out or play instead sitting idle at a place or having junk and stale food leads to this kind of effect. As per the recent statistic record goes generally children (ageing from 10 to 19) suffer a lot from blood pressure problems. About twenty five percent of children suffer from minor or major blood pressure problems all over the globe this is a shame as the health is supposed to be perfectly ok during this time but unfortunately few wrong steps lead to this condition. So we all hope that in the upcoming days the readings will decrease instead of increasing as necessary steps will be taken when people will come to know this statistical data.